Our EPC merch launch....

We are very excited to launch our new gear, EPC OUTDOORS!

Today is indeed a great one, we finally have launched the anticipated "EL PURO CHANNEL" fishing shirt. Built tough to take on whatever you through at it. Take one with you fishing, hiking, bike riding, whatever...

We have tested these shirts for the past 30 days or so putting them through some tough challenges, going fishing, washing them numerous times, even used one to dry my truck to see if it would hold up. They are tough...

You will be pleased to find that they fit awesome, not too heavy not too light. Just right!

The black ones are kinda dressy, maybe you can wear them out to dinner! Who knows, LOL.

I slept in one to see how comfy it was, gotta say they are smooth baby!!!

Get you EPC gear and help support " EL PURO CHANNEL " we appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for the support and god bless.

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